Sunday, March 23, 2008

Toppling Theocracy:

Ever since I first saw the image of The Statue of Liberation Through Christ, it has stood out to me as an almost impossibly 'on-the-nose' symbol of the Religious Right in this country.

It captures both the galling inappropriateness and the blatant arrogance of trying to impose a Christian spin on all aspects of American life. It is a direct analogy of the cognitive dissonance that leads to theories like Intelligent Design and causes millions of Americans to vote against their own best interests time and again.

And the worst part is, the palpable irony is completely lost on these Evangelical Conservatives. I mean, the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World in NY is the Most Liberal Icon of Americana Ever:
She's French. She's a chick. She's a New Yorker. She welcomes immigrants. She is NeoClassical Goddess image, a homage to the pagans of antiquity. She has nothing to do with Christianity...

There is no appropriate reason that this image should be remade as a Christian icon. I mean, where in the Bible does it mention anything about a female spirit of liberty, or about America for that matter? This image has nothing to do with anything described in either Testament, yet that doesn't stop today's breed of Born Again NeoCons from committing the sin of Idolatry in it's presence.

These people don't even understand their own theology, so they can't be trusted to control any aspects of Public life.

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Jolly Roger said...

This is in line with Jesusistani behavior, where hatred of minorities and the poor is sold as Christian "love."

In Jesusistan, talking the talk is all that is required. I know a few of them that smoke, drink, gamble, and cheat on their spouses-but you'll find them in church every Sunday, singing the praises of Jesus.

No one will do it, but a serious study should be undertaken of the Jesusistanis. I'm guessing we'll find sexual repression and dishonesty galore.

Anonymous said...

Me my self is a christen. I'm a 12 th grader and you can't judge your opion of us all based off a view of the others around you I confront the ones who you refer to and I tell them about the veiw they send I know lots send a bad view but please don't judge us all I do my best to live a good life but no one is perfect or ever will be we all have are own deamons. So don't judge us or other religions based off the example of a few around you. Were just like everyone else just trying to do are best and if they send a hipacrictical view of it there not a true christen find a true christen and you will see were not bad people we sin like every one else