Sunday, July 8, 2012

The proper use & abuse of a Dobbshead

Every year it seems that the Forces of Evil, Conspiracy Demons & Slack Vampires amass & attempt to thwart my attendance at X-Day...
This year, for the first time in five years, the Pink Ones were successful at keeping my wife & I at home. But just because we could not be with our Yeti brothers & sisters in person was no reason not to celebrate our imminent Arisal!
So, at the stroke of midnight, July 5th, we created & performed the Sacred Ritual of Dobbshead SexHurt, Dobbshead OoZquirt.

We have had this 4-foot "Bob"face hanging around the house for a couple of years (it was originally part of my no-longer-extant "Dancing Dobbshead" gag, last seen at 13X-Day @ Suckwood.) I had my SlackWife & True YetiMate, Rev. TinkerHell, pose for some salacious photos with the big ol' "Bob"face.

The pictures ended up getting completely pornographic, as I continued snapping photos during the entire SexHurt ritual. This is not the proper forum for releasing those totally explicit images, but here are a few of the tamer ones for your perverse ogling pleasure...

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