Tuesday, July 10, 2007

X Day X!

Yes, that's right I am no longer a virgin to the X-Day celebration. I have been Born Again in "Bob".

Of course, the Conspiracy was working against me every step of the way. I didn't even make it to Brushwood until Saturday evening. The only Slack I could find on X-Day was to search the local Goodwill for some Bulldada. I spent $2.49 and came home with: a clear glass jar shaped like a Jack-O-Lantern, a large ceramic mug covered with the Frankenstein Monster's face, and a vintage plastic coffee mug emblazoned with the old Raid: Kills Bugs Dead ad...

Then on 07/07/07, the ultimate Lucky Day, I found a way to make the journey to Brushwood. That night, deep into the 'Frop pipe, I was blown away by the [anti] music, especially Bonobos Convergence [www.bonobosmusic.com] and The Amino Acids [www.theaminoacids.com]. I stared into the eyes of "Bob". I watched as an Icon burned against the night sky. I got a healthy dose of Slack...

Sunday was mostly a day of conversation, ranting, and strange video. I finally got a chance to meet some of those Subgenii whose names I have seen again and again. I look forward to attending my first Devival ASAP

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